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Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love): Miriam And Rebecca

Miriam and Rebecca have been friends. They've gone through the world together and now they are about to face a new hurdle in their relationship: Sapphic love.
The sweet Jasmin Lord (21; plays the noble Rebecca von Lahnstein), and the as sweet Romina Becks (22; who plays waitress Miriam Pesch) begin to develop feelings for each other. For both girls it was the first time with a woman.

Rebecca von Lahnstein is attractive, and a fashion talent. The beautiful daughter of Ludwig Graf von Lahnstein has trouble with men: again and again she falls in love with the wrong man. Her friendship with the gay couple Olli and Christian is put to the test, because Rebecca has lost her heart to Christian. But it is strong enough to cope with her feelings.
Miriam is the heart and soul of 'No Limits' - She is always in a good mood and supports Olli and Christian behind the counter where she makes many a man's heart beat faster. But her dream man, the sweet blonde has still not found...

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