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Love Me If You Can 2003


This is the story of two young women. One seems to have left the village when she was a child. The other still lives there on her own: odd jobs, small conflicts, small thugs and long walks on her red motorcycle. The film tells their reunion in a Taiwanese port subject to the law of criminals. A friendship that skids, and the violence that brokes. "Liang Ju" as Chinese "Romeo and Juliet" is a love story which touches millions of Chinese lovers' heart. "Love me, if you can" is the story base on a pure love story between two innocent cousins who believe they are the "Liang Ju" in this life.Through thousands years apart, through all the time traveling, sex change and life cycling, would people still believe in love? Either the choice is to face the reality or not, they need courage. Yin is a girl who believes in her faith of love. In her world, there is only one love "Liang San Bo". She will do anything to protect her love, even the price is her life. San is an outing and innocent modern Liang San Bo. Because of her innocence, her destiny of facing the disaster made her a passive person. Therefore, she is afraid to face her real heart. When she meets the strange love, her choice is to run away from it.
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