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TULI 2005


*Winner of the NETPAC Prize at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival
*Winner of the Outstanding International Narrative Feature award at the 2007 Outfest: Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Daisy lives in a small village in the Philippines, and as the daughter of the local circumciser, she is taught the trade by her father. This makes her different from other girls, and she grows up with an awareness of gender roles and sexism. Her own father beats both Daisy and her mother, and she vows not to go along with an arranged marriage to the son of a successful farmer.
Meanwhile, Daisy's best friend Botchok is thrown out of the house, humiliated by her father and abandoned by her boyfriend. In love with Botchok, Daisy tells her friend that she will marry her. Unsure at first, Botchok warms to the idea and moves in with Daisy.

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Language: Filipino/Tagalog 
English (hard) subs


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